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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 27, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>>megyn: thanks for muching what. here live in tampa for you with the romney sons. >>shepard: afternoon, from louisiana, across the street from new orleans. they are getting ready. not for hurricane katrina. not anything close to hurricane katrina. nonetheless, a hurricane is on way. not forecasters are right, the hurricane is going directly into the city of new orleans. that would be brand new. that did not happen with katrina. katrina missed new orleans by 70 miles, it went to the east of here. it was 100 miles from here where it did the devastation. that storm hit mississippi. it was a category three. it did not hit new orleans. new orleans was on the good side of katrina. the problem with this storm, new orleans is dead center of where
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they believe this storm is going. it is a tropical storm but the forecasters expect it will get stronger. we will get into the reasons in a little while. they are worried about people in low-lying areas, evacuating low lying areas in the par irish to the south and areas of st. bernard par irish but new orleans will not be evacuated. even if they wanted to, three hours from now they could not physically do so. they believe they made changes that will make the area as safe as it can be. a lot of rain is on the way. they expect severe flooding in many areas. an area that has been economically devastated is trying to recover from what happened before. the worst of this even if it does hit new orleans is not the wind. it will be the rain and the storm surge. the worst of it may, again, be to the east, on the coast of the state of mississippi. now to the fox extreme weather
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center. it looks like this has slowed down in forward movement and it is headed if the big easy. >> it is. the concern is the excessive rain. we will deal with this system not if hours but days. we just got news from hurricane centers, we are seeing hurricane force winds and the storm visually looks really good. we do not see an eye but the pressure is dropping. i believe at 5:00 p.m. when we get the new advisory i believe this will be a hurricane. it is not going to be katrina. it is going to hit very vulnerable areas in the northern gulf coast. it is not done with florida, either. they are seeing extremely heavy rain on the east coast of florida, folks in tampa, you have been lucky. 10 not seen much rainfall but your neighbors to the east are seeing incredible amounts of rain. this storm is massive.
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tropical storm force winds 200 miles away from the center. they are feeling rain band from this 500 miles away from the center of the folks. say this is not a two or a three, so don't worry. no, this storm is going to have impact on vulnerable areas across the gulf coast. we are expecting this to become a hurricane tonight. i think in the next 5:00 p.m. advisory. as we look to the any orleans where shepard is right now the storm is expecting to move west of that region. that means the right hook which means the worst of the storm surge, the waste of the winds, the worst of the rainfall. this is tuesday around the fox report. it is still a category one wednesday morning, 12 hours of hurricane-force winds, of heavy rainfall, of very strong storm surge into that vulnerable area.
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as we move further out in time, the good news from this storm, it will bring beneficial rainfall. the bad news is, some areas will get too much rain in a short period of time. >>shepard: thank you from the weather center. we will get back to you. stay with us. i have been listening to the emergency management directors here in louisiana and the mississippi coast and the mayor landrieu in new orleans and governor jindal who did not go to the republican convention to deal with this potential disaster. let me tell you how this is shaping up, it will affect millions and millions and millions of people. think of the texas border, right, all the way across mississippi, alabama, back down around louisiana, that whole bowl that is affected, the area of the size of the wind and the rain in this storm is larger than that whole area from florida to texas.
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so, everything will get rain. here is what they are expecting in new orleans. this is the local emergency management folks preparing for 7' to 11' storm surge from new orleans east. to the mississippi coast, 8' to 12', higher than the water would normally be by 8' or 12' so anything below sea level is wet in mississippi. the pressure, how does it build? a hurricane is an area of low pressure, right? what happens is there is warm water and warm surface temperatures and the clouds are cold. the warm air creates a circulation and the lower it goes the more it moves. it need as number of things to gain strength. it needs warm water and not to be beaten up along the way. this is warm water is not as
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warm as it was during can -- katrina because the warm water runs through the gulf of mexico and this at a time was hitting on the hot section and it could have become a monster like katrina but it didn't because upper level air was very dry like putting a hair dryer on something wet. so the hot air was feeding the storm and keeping it from strengthening and now it slows to 14 miles per hour and headed for new orleans. if it slows down more and the wind speed picks up it could take a jog so the national hurricane center says do not worry about the particulars think about being ready. if it does jog one way or the other it could change the models. right now they think this, around 6" of rain in the city of new orleans is possible in the metropolitan area. 10 itch to the east in alabama and mississippi and that area.
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16" more, plus, to the east of new orleans but that is over the gulf of mexico. as you look at the storm, it is like this and the worst of it is here. that's the part that will be sitting over the gulf of mexico. the biggest problem is it will keep raining. going and going and going for hours. they are hoping when it hits land it speeds up and races away. hurricane andrew traveled at 30 miles per hour when it came in to south florida just flying across south florida. so it did not just it is and spin. they hope this will speed up in the end but so far it has not. now, someone who was here in new orleans in the lower 9th when katrina came. and they did not send the buses. >> they did not send the buses. >>shepard: that is why so many people died. >> that is correct. >>shepard: they made a decision not to send buses. this is not that storm.
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during katrina we have pictures of your home and what happened to it. your neighborhood was ruined. >>guest: washed gully. looked like a bomb was dropped in the lower 9th. this time, i commend mayor landrieu on his plan this time. it seems like he did a better job than the former mayor. >>shepard: your neighborhood, and how thinks have transformed we are showing before and after pictures, it is rebuilt and looks great but the problem around the neighborhood there is not a school, and there is not a market. >>guest: there is not a market. there is not a fire station. a lot of things we need down here still not together. it is like when you walk out your door it is feeling like katrina. you cannot move on. we do not have the necessities we need. they are working on it but i
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hope i can see it in my lifetime. >>shepard: it has been a long, slow slog. >>guest: it has been a slow process. one step forward, two steps backwards. >>shepard: this is a different storm and people from new orleans are used to it but was there anxiety, the same day, the same final? >>guest: my god, knowing tomorrow is the anniversary, we landed a beautiful celebration and drop the wreath in the river for the people that drowned in the lower 9th and it's just overwhelming for people right now and the stress of this, really, is taking a big toll on people with isaac playing around out there. >>shepard: good luck to you and yours over the next couple of days and i help we get the
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much needed rain. >>guest: i hope we don't get the wind. that is what i am afraid of. the wind and the surge. as long as the walls, the new walls that the army corps put up, if they hold up, we are good. but this is a test period. the test period not homes with the 150 miles per hour wind, a test period for a whole lot. i'm hoping we will be safe because i intend to ride it out this trip. >>shepard: good luck to you. i will talk to you about what they have done around here and steve is over in biloxi, mississippi. the mississippi coast was destroyed in hurricane can attend. the matter of storm surge they are concerned about having to do with the tide, more concerned about water this time than wind. hurricane isaac, not yet. it is a tropical storm headed to new orleans.
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>>shepard: isaac storm is approaching as we approach quarter past the hour. the expectation is isaac will make landfall as a strong category one hurricane, not a category two. the expectation is category one hurricane with sustained wind at between 80 and 90 miles per hour and lots of rain coming in right around new orleans. the worst of it will probably be to the east of the storm as it almost always is. that puts biloxi, mississippi, in a world hurt. steve harrigan is now along the mississippi coast. how are they doing? >>reporter: we are seeing gradual steady preparation with people pulling in boats and leaving their homes. hotels are quickly filling up
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across mississippi. in pearl, mississippi, the holiday inn is booked solid for eight nights. evacuation is urged but not mandatory. the governor telling people along the low-lying coast, if you have relatives in northern mississippi, now is the a time game to visit. i know it is difficult to leave your home. believe me, we will have 1,500 soldiers and airmen, we will have highway patrol, the sheriff's department, the police departments responding. we are going to make sure that if you leave this is going to an safe environment. the shelters are not open but it could change, we could seashell materials opening this evening thank you. you mention the troops will be here in new orleans activating 4,100 members of the louisiana national guard to be here just in case the situations necessity
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their coverage. you may remember a national guard headquarters was underwater when hurricane katrina came in. they have made changes in that location and they hope they will have all of their two-way radios, or, rather, satellite telephones back from the war. we reported at time they had 50 satellite telephones for the national guard here in new orleans and 48 were at a war overseas. so that lost two to protect the people back home for the national guard which is supposed to protect the people back home but not last time because there stuff was at the war. this time, casey is in the lower ninth where they have made a lot of improvements. casey, life in the lower 9th is not back to normal and a lot of people are getting out of there. >>reporter: a lot of people are. but a hot of the evacuations are not mandatory. some are saying, they are taking no chances after going through
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hurricane katrina seven years ago. aside from the standard boarding up of houses and the closing of storm shutters you see people doing as you drive through the neighborhoods, as you know, a lost focus is on the levees. many improvements have been made over the last seven years but, today, and, also, just through the last 48 hours the army corps of engineers has been out inspenting the levees and, also, the southeast louisiana flood protection authority, today, closing floodgates with some of the waterways around the city, and in some of the lower-lying areas, the giant baskets are being put into place. you can see from the video they are large american cylinders filled with sand that act as a barrier. of course, there are the evacuations in this area, about 2,000 mandatory evacuations in place, about 5,000 or so voluntary evacuations with people pulling boats out of the
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water and some reports of gas stations running out of fuel. some of the people we have talked to say they are taking no chances with isaac. i will secure everything down. pick up everything that we can take with us and get up to higher ground. >> this is not a place you want to be. so, pack it up and head out. see what happens from there. >>reporter: just flew in this morning to new orleans and judging from the interstates driving around, they are jammed. it looks like a lot of people are getting the heck out of dodge. >>shepard: not surprised. casey, thank you from the lower 9th. we drove if tampa, we drove 10 fast hours of i-75 to i-10 and all across, everything seemed pretty darned normal. we were ahead of the storm and making our way by ground because
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the flights were in a world of hurt. we will get down to tampa to get you coverage from the republican national convention which gavelled in and out today. a difficult set of circumstances for the republicans. as the storm comes through, it will be fighting with tv time and water cooler talk time with this storm. the republicans hoped they would be able to have all of the attention on them for the next couple of days and it appears isaac has thrown a wrench into that. remember the hurricane lee? i didn't think so it was last sent. wait until you hear what happened then versus what they are projecting for this and i bet you don't even remember lee, do you? we continue coverage from new orleans in a moment. [ owner ] i need to expand
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>>shepard: the republican national convention gets off to a whimper of a start. they did some delaying. they thought tampa could be a mess but the storm went further to the west. tampa is a beautiful, sunny day, as i understand. today they gavelled in and gaveled out. look. >> it is my privilege to proclaim the 2012 republican national convention in session and called to order. >>shepard: that was the day. in tampa today. just those 12 seconds. they have taken the day off and they will get back at it tomorrow fighting for attention with the storm that is on the
12:24 pm
way. i mentioned it is -- this is so loud i can understand hear. i am not sure how we are going to do this, but i will talk to a reporter, a political reporter for down in tampa. a good day at the beach? >>guest: sunny. a few showers. other than that, nice. i was wearing sunglasses this morning. >>shepard: how concerned are they? no news happens at this think it is almost comical that there are 15,000 reporters there. it is part of the process, both sides do it and it is good to reintroduce the candidates but they fighting for attention. how concerned are they about what that will do for their candidate and their cause? >>guest: well, we are hearing that the convention is going on as planned and they will have
12:25 pm
the full days tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. they are going to have to compete with national headlines the hurricane is supposed to hit land, we hear, wednesday or thursday which happens to be when --. >>shepard: wednesday else. >>guest: paul ryan is speaking wednesday and mitt romney on thursday. they will be competing with the headlines and for republicans at this event they have to perform this delicate balance of, really, rallying the troops and getting people exited and getting the party excited, but, also, being really aware about what is going on in other parts of the country that are affected by this. so, the messaging in the next few days will be interesting to watch. >>shepard: we have talked about how this happened to them four years ago. we were at convention and we got on planes to cover a storm and it put a hole in the middle of the convention.
12:26 pm
i wondered if they would consider not having it around the height of the hurricane season but they figured it would nat happen again. here we are. >>guest: what are the odds with this? there is lots to talk about shortening the convention, anyway. there has been talk, do we need four full days? or three? or two? today is a chance for delegates to get together, talk, meet. there has been campaign calling going on and delegates are getting together and talking. other prominent leaders are having breakfast and lunch with reporters and other people to kind of give, or set the scene for us and talk about what the party looks like going forward. so, there is lots going on here today. where everyone is anxious for tomorrow's event, as well.
12:27 pm
>>shepard: sounds good, thanks for coming on. she mentioned breakfast reporters sitting around talking with politicans. we had breakfast at brennan's this morning, where they start with bananas foster, a very well-known place and we were there talking to the owners and they said they would close. we will have an official update on whether isaac is leaded, how strong it, and where the thinking is about when it will get out of the here. the top the news coming up just ahead.
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>>shepard: i am shepard smith and this is "studio b" at the bottom the hour and the top of the news live from new orleans where they are waiting on another tropical system to come barreling in the general area of the city of new orleans. the way they work it, there you are a number of different models that predict where hurricanes will go. there are two more popular, the european model and the american model. the european model puts the storm on one side of new orleans. the american model puts the storm on the other side of new orleans. it appear was they have done is split the difference and said, all right, the hurricane is
12:32 pm
coming to new orleans. walking to new orleans at 14 miles per hour. the director of the hurricane center is here with us. sir, as of this hour, what are the projections? >>guest: the center of circumstance place will take us to tomorrow on the northern gulf coast and we do not know if it will be on the east or west side of new orleans or the east or west side of biloxi, mississippi, which is potential area for the center. this is a big system. it will affect a large area that matter where the center comes ashore and the conditions will go down him tonight with the bands offshore here, they will bring tropical storm force winds tonight to the hurricane warning so, today, that is when people need to prepare and evacuate, go, if you are told to do so
12:33 pm
biological emergency management officials. >>shepard: a lot of water with this system. >> absolutely. water will be a big part of this. large systems pose water problems in two main ways: first, a large tropical storm or hurricane is a much bigger storm surge producer than a smaller storm. 6' to 12' above ground level could occur. it will move slowly moving ashore tomorrow and tomorrow night and a large slow moving system can dump a tremendous amount of rainfall coastal and inland and we could see a foot to a 1.5' of rainfall over to days. inland flooding can be a problem and that can cause a lot of problems. >>shepard: the tide situation, a addition station over there is
12:34 pm
reporting that the belief based on your model and your projection from the national hurricane center it could come at high tide. >>guest: that is not good combined with the storm surge, the rise in the ocean water produced by the storm, the result is a high total of water level, and 6' to 12' above ground level above your toes, somewhere in alabama, and mississippi, but we cannot pinpoint who gets the worst and the highest and that is why people are told to evacuate by the emergency management officials. >>shepard: from a purely storm fascination front, the pressure on this thing is not very high, 984 millibars, the water is warm, not as warm as it was, do you have an understanding, yet, as to why this thing has not
12:35 pm
strengthened more and why we are lucky in that way? , with the thunderstorms in the center getting more organized today than it did this time yesterday, over keys, but, also, there was a lost land interaction over haiti, cuba, and some land interaction with florida, and now it is in the open waters of the gulf, and they are plenty warm, mid-to-upper 80's, and, finally, it seems to be overcoming the impediments and poised to strengthen, the pressure is falling and we will have to see if we are finding the winds increased. it could become a hurricane any time tonight. >>shepard: we will wait if your updated 5:00 eastern and 4:00 central. thank you, doctor. >>guest: thanks for helping us get the word out.
12:36 pm
>>shepard: people in our national audience, probably do not remember tropical storm lee, a hurricane for a while, came ashore here in september of last year, i think september 10th or 11, and that storm it wasn't very strong and it made a lot of headline, but, 14" to 16" of rain it dropped in jefferson parish, louisiana, just down from us. that occurred in a very short period of time and the pumping stations can nat keep up with that and 90 percent of all deaths in hurricanes are attributed to flooding. flooding. not wind or power. they are warning people in new orleans, do not drive through the water and do not risk it. it is the flooding that kills. continuing coverage of the storm throughout the afternoon and well be here until it is gone and hopefully we will be there for speeches on thursday in tampa. carlcarl cameron is in boston wh
12:37 pm
governor romney. what are you doing, carl? >>carl: not in tampa because the candidate is not in tampa and ann romney was supposed to speak tonight but they canceled the proceeding now. the chairman of the republican national committee gavelled it to order and announced a debt clock to track how the debt grows while the republican national convention is underway, said a prayer for the first responders dealing with isaac and gavelled it close. mitt romney is here in boston, the headquarters is in belmont. there are staffers who have been trying to figure out how best to handle this. it is a very uncomfortable situation. tomorrow night ann romney, the presidentialal candidate's spouse give as speech of her husband's political aspirations to run the country as isaac is about to make landfall.
12:38 pm
very, very difficult. on wednesday, paul ryan, the vice presidential running mate will give a speech as the damage of landfall will be starting to be assessed. on thursday, the first full day after the storm, when people are looking at it, mitt romney will give his speech. it has the potential to be dicey politics and, of course, everyone averages that first come the concerns for the people who are in the path of the storm. this morning, romney was in new hampshire at the lake houseworking on speeches be getting represented for all of this and reporters asked, what, actually, can transpire in. >> governor, do you have message for the people of new orleans? >> we hope the people in the path are spared. >> any thoughts about the convention? >> great convention ahead. he likes his speech but he likes mrs. romney's speech better. today, this are plans for him to talk to the governors of the
12:39 pm
gulf states to offer whatever support he can, and there was a plan for him to meet with the chairman of his transition, the organization being put together as we speak, to him the transformation of power, peacefully, as it is in our process, between the obama administration and the upcoming romney administration, if he wins. that was postponed. a lost planning very much on hold as isaac cuts its path through the gulf of mexico. carl cameron is waiting to give the speeches. the storm slowed down. it was going at 20 miles per hour, moving along at 20 miles per hour and slowed down to 14 miles per hour, so, the timing of all of this is backed up. there was a time when they thought that by late night tonight and early tomorrow morning the storm could hit. now that is not the case. now it has moved further but the effects will be felt tonight in new orleans, and then the next 36 to 48 areas along the gulf gf
12:40 pm
coast along mobile, alabama, and mobile bay, and across louisiana, and if it turns to the state of texas because they cannot know what will happen. all along, it will be -- the republicans hope you will listen to the speeches including the first lady wanna be. john roberts is coughing a little bit -- covering a little bit of that. it is a tricky set of circumstances when you worry about people's lives and property and trying to have a political convention. >>reporter: absolutely. what you will see the next couple of days is a nod to concerns there are along the gulf coast about what could come from soon-to-be hurricane isaac. in tampa they will highlight ann romney and prominent republican women. there is a truth in politics, if you want to win the election, you have to win women. and mitt romney trails president obama by about 11 points with
12:41 pm
women. mitt romney is reaching out to those women open bread and butter issues, at an event in ohio and promising the small business owners he would do everything he can to help them and the congresswoman things the mitt romney campaign could do more to highlight successful g.o.p. women but thinks the message on the economy is right in the sweet spot to attract women voters to the party. >> when women put their head on the pillow at night, what worries them the most, i think, is this country is going to cease to be what this country has been. they are saying, don't you dare do this to my children and my grandchild. >>reporter: the obama campaign is firing back at romney saying his policies would actually harm women. they have a new ad out with what they say are republican women voting for president obama but we have found out that there is acknowledgment at least two of those women are now registered democrats. one has been for about six
12:42 pm
years. now, democrats have traditionally held the advantage among women voters and they hope that is the case this year. but south carolina governor haley says not so far, women are not necessarily a mono lithic voting block. >>guest: they do not vote like that. the more the democrats try and label women on one issue or one party, they are making a mistake. women are smarter than that. they will prove it for the next election. >>reporter: she is a prominent g.o.p. women who will be on the podium here at the convention. >>shepard: john roberts, live in tampa. hope to see you wednesday or thursday or some time when this think blows away. hopefully it will not cause any damage at all. they have had a terrible drought. the mississippi river in places had to be closed over the past week because of the fact that the water is so low they could not ensure that the barge traffic could get through and
12:43 pm
they closed the mouth of the mississippi in anticipation of this storm which is coming so there is a lot of difficulty getting products up and down the mississippi. we will talk to the army corps of engineers about what has been done with the levees in new orleans. they were supposed to withstand a category three storm hitting here, remember? a category storm did not hit here. a category three called katrina, hit in mississippi, miles and miles and miles and miles away from here. you know what happened here. are they ready for what is coming here tonight night into wednesday? that is next in "studio b" that is next in "studio b" today. but only for a limited time, for just $14.99. try as much as u like any way you like, like new teriyaki grilled shrimp or new parmesan crusted shrimp, for just $14.99.
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12:47 pm
or the other. the hope is the levees will hold. and now, to a colonel from the army corps. are you ready here? >> well, we are ready. i'm retired district commander for the cops of engineers, understand currently with the cops of engineers but i think they are ready. >> why is that? >> just because of the science, the technology, and the amount of effort put into the levee systems, it is a drastic improvement over 2005 when katrina struck. i know people who build levees don't like to talk about categories or storm or amount of wind, there are so many factors and i understand that, but you are ready if more than you got last time, yet, last time, you did not get a direct hit, you got a category three to south mississippi and you got a backwash that flooded the city. >>guest: the major challenge
12:48 pm
for new orleans surrounded by water during that event and possibly this event is pushing all of the water into the lakes and pushing it it to the city. they have done a lot of work with a lot of new gate complexes that keep the water away from the center of the city. >>shepard: lake pontchartrain is here and the water came to the back side of the city, from the east side, and pushed in. if this storm came in, say, west of new orleans, you would get a more traditional counter check wise storm surge and in the bayous where you had all the verge face and the growth, all of this march land and barrier island, over the last 50 years from stuff we have done and stuff that mother nature has done, that is largely gone and you have not had an event where the water pushed in here with a storm to the west with the counter clock wise surge just push right into the city.
12:49 pm
is that something, can you handle this? >>guest: the eastern side of the city, the corps of engineers has built a major complex on the western closure complex, on the western side but there is substantial risk to the low-lying areas not protected by levees or protected by the levees not finished. >>shepard: they are getting some of the people out of some parishes. if you want to find a fascinating place, see what life is like here, a throw back to another time and a fascinating story. it would be great fund for the weekend. how they do it year round is beyond me. good luck, colonel, i hope you are right and this gives us much needed rain because the gulf south could use it. iran today, welcomed world leaders from more than 100
12:50 pm
countries. we will go to rick on what all of this means for energy production. remember the big fire on the west coast? a huge refinery fire that ended up raising the rice of gas in an enormous way on the west coast. and all the problems overseas, the economy getting a little bit better in europe so gas prices and oil prices are going up. what will this storm affect? that is ahead. most of the pain i experience is neck pain that also becomes headaches. i was very skeptical about aspirin. bayer advanced was completely different. it really did get rid of the pain. put bayer advanced aspirin to the test for yourself at
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>>shepard: we were wondering about energy production. we said rick would be at mobile bay because of the storm. redrove from tampa all the way do new orleans yesterday because we could not get a flight. the best part is over mobile
12:54 pm
bay. absolutely gorgeous. all of south alabama was perfect until we met with one of alabama's finest who did not think we should be going 12 miles per hour over the speed limit. $180 later, i don't know what you will do but south alabama is safer now thanks that my 82 in a 70's got penalized. rick? how are you? rick: i might have hit 84 but s. >>shepard: you did not get stopped. he pulled over both cars at the same time. i am driving with a bunch of yankees and everyone is from new york and he wondered how he pulled over both of us and i am like, william to alabama. rick: did you not have your get out of jail free card. >>shepard: i least that in the womb. that doesn't happen for me. tell us about energy production. rick: this could cost all of us at the pump. it will cost the city of mobile. more than half of the revenue comes from the oil and gas and shipping industry from a port
12:55 pm
behind choice is shut down in anticipation of the rifle. we have seen tugs moving barges. they are strapping down equipment. they are moving everything out of harm's way and moving the rail cards out of the rail yard to keep them from being harmed by the winds. of course, oil platforms are being shuts down in the gulf of mexico. in katrina, the price of oil rose more than $10 a barrel sending gas prices to more than $5 a gallon and with production being trimmed prices can spike in the days and weeks ahead. here in alabama, a state of emergency has been declared, a hurricane wanting is in -- warning is in effect up and down the coast and the low-lying areas residents told to get out. there is concern there could be complacency because the weather is beautiful today. here is the governor. >> always have to remember what we are trying to do is protect the lives of people of this
12:56 pm
area. everything else is secondary. the lives and the safety of the people of this area are most important. >> the governor believes there is no question mobile will be affected but the question is, how badly. >>shepard: under no circumstances should you speed on i-10. be right back. ring for a loved e with alzheimer's, not a day goes by that you don't have them. questions about treatment where to go for extra help, how to live better with the disease. so many questions, where do you start? the answers start here.
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>>shepard: continuing coverage live from new orleans and before we turn things over to neil cavuto, this is the latest track of what is now tropical storm isaac, expected to reach strong category one status before it makes landfall somewhere along the gulf south. you can see from the map, it looks as if the best model for where it would hit would most likely be right on the center of the city of new orleans, that said, it do jog to the left, to the right, to the east, to the west, and hit someone else but


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